Friday, October 13, 2006

its friday today: for most of you that means your at work looking forward to the weekend: however for most quataris it means its the weekend and holy day: the immams are out in force cranking their sound systems to 11for the early morning call to prayer,

4/30 or 5am in my case, its a lovley thing at any time of the /day/ however as ive now been woken by them for the 4th time running i may invest in some heavy duty sleep ear plugs. that combined with sunrise at that time too, leads to the behaviour thatim finding im living at the other end of the day getting up early and enjoying a leisurly breakfast/iftah then working through till 6 and heading home then going to bed at 10!

thats partly to do with the fact there is nought to do around the hotel flamingo apart from hang around the 'Dream Palace' photo shop, in the mount of olives tailoring shop, or the chill juice bar that seems to be destinctly lacking in juice or chilled nature.
yours from your forign corespondant

alister cook sorry wrong persona

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