Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quote of the week "that Donald Trump is a cornball blingbling TV showman, he's like apoor guy's comic-book version of a rich guy. Everyday modernsuper-rich guys tend to be glum and somewhat cheerless Type A overachievers, very dedicated and focussed. They're kind of a drag tobe around, frankly. "

"Climate change is not gonna be combatted through voluntary acts ofindividual charity. It's gonna be combatted through some kind of colossal, global-scaled, multilateral, hectic, catch-as-catch-can effort to stop burning stuff, suck the burnt smoke out of the sky, and put the smoke back into the ground. That's not gonna get done a little green teacup at a time, because we've been doing it for two centuriesand we don't have two centuries to undo it. ."

- chairman bruce - state of the world address

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