Monday, January 01, 2007

My favourite calander of the year is out, this year is pulp scifi covers!


Anonymous said...

I am from India, journalist so our profession match I have read ur whole blog in one go u have really kept the things in order so it of great help for us. every incident has been mentioned so it gives a fair amount of idea for any one planning to qatar.
I have got an offer form peninsula but i have not yet decided becoz the money is too less, lets se what happens if ever i come i will surely meet u.
keep in touch


simon green said...

hi mojo - a fantastic blog site - and massive respect as ever for taking up the job and running out there to work.

well all mis you, and im looking forward to working with you at some point in the future mate.

+44 7939 259174

mojonojo said...

Simon: always a pleasure and an honour to know you, we may differ politically, but i will always respect you. as ive always said, if i get into a fight/political battle you would be the man i wanted in my corner to get my back.

faisalpost: qatar has its issues as ive probably illustrated, but its also a good place to live, expensive but good

barkingsparrows said...

Thanks mate - just printed off a copy, which I will be hanging on my kitchen wall in Istanbul soon!