Monday, January 01, 2007

a good couple of days have passed, 2007 is here, a couple of photos and a few stories

Slept alot, work is finaly catching up wih me, did some much needed shopping at care four, and drove to the saudai boarder with compound friends, just for a giggle on new years day, not much out there apart from sand and a few trees, and some very scrubby bushes.

NYE evening was a blast, 3 parties went to bed at 4am. 2x parties on the compound - one with my great friend louise 3xbbq's lamb chicken and beef, bedouin tent, shisha the works, the philipino karioke mafia sing off chalange & a big old party at alsad with most of AJI there too. good beats good vibe, wore my white Dinnerjacket, had a blast and drunk neat gin all night.

doha near the saudai border

Phung-Y my nextdoor neighbour asleep as we drive on new years eve to the saudi border

Blury nightime phonecam pic of NYE party at alsad building - ooof my body hurts, note to self dont drink raw gin neat.

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