Thursday, December 04, 2008

A quick personal update as I havnt done one for a while

Im still in Doha, still swamped with work, things here have gone from surreal to Dadaistic

I veer on a daily basis from Elation to thoughts of packing it all in and heading home it been 2 years and 2 months here in this sandy town,

Doha is expanding at what seems to be a exponential rate with the good things and bad that go with it


There are things to do – Concerts, Jazz, Galleries & Museums have opened – this is infinitely better.

I have moved up in the company – I have a team (my old team infact) im involved with a number of exciting company projects, and I relish the challenge.


With the increase in population comes an epic increase in traffic – what was a 20 min commute now takes over an hour

Corporate bureaucracy is now at an all time high, Overtime from august still not paid, Qatarisation is now in full flow, I believe things are now traveling backwards. God bless western HR & Finance departments – you are gods people do not understand how good they have it.

Personally im getting back into creativity, im going to start printing again, I bought a screen, photo masque chemicals, inks & a squeegee. First project Christmas cards. Then personal calling cards the question of where to buy lazer printable OHP paper in Doha rears its ugly head :/

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dza said...

from 20 mins to one hour in 2 years.