Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Here Here Neil Gaiman, i agree whole heartedly - always defend free speech, no matter how offensive i think something is i will always defend someones right to say what they want to say.

I am increacingly concerned about the turning tide of freedom in britan, having re-read V for Vendetta its getting awfully precient. the increacing big brotherification of the place i call home is now scaring me. I work for an organisation that gives voices to the voiceless in a country with a terible human rights record, i find it hard to reconsile the two on a daily basis. i by virtue of my skin colour and the nationality of my passports i am garaunteed rights but i see headlines that make my skin crawl. maybe i should get used to dichotomy.

i echo Neils sentiments as well "
(And let it be understood that I think that child pornography, and the exploitation of actual children for porn or for sex is utterly wrong and bad, because actual children are being directly harmed. And also that I think that prosecuting as child pornographers a 16 and 17 year old who were legally able to have sex, because they took a sexual photograph of themselves and emailed it to themselves is utterly, insanely wrong, and a nice example of the law as blunt instrument.) "


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Paul Sevrens said...

Heart-achingly true. Unfortunately, the only thing people can do is to stand up for themselves and say "I'm through with this!".