Saturday, September 01, 2007

lHey Guys - sorry i havent written for a while - ive just been caught up in other things, two posts come to mind

Ive become nearly obsessed with a new internet video podcast, The midwest teen sex show - this thing is funny man - think chris morris of the internet generation, dry whitty good fun and always about my favourite topic - however posibly NSFW because of subject matter rather than content.

The episodes are parodies of those awfully hip school sex-ed videos, each one on a theem - Female masterbation, Dating older boys, Birthcontrol etc. etc.
none of it should be taken seriously


dza said...

Pretty good.
And I disagree that it shouldn't be taken seriously.
There are some very serious points in there.
I look forward to the episode about porn and male masterbation...

Nikol said...

Hey, thanks.