Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ive been very moved recently by this blog, very very painful writing, Pended by a young anonamous sex worker.

on talking about working life - "Painful like being fat growing up and having people yell lardass at you out car windows and strangers approaching you on the street to tell you to lose weight. Painful like being a 13-year-old girl saving her virginity for marriage and being held down and robbed of that. I am embarrassed to talk about my pain, about the times I have been hurt. Especially when the road there was tricky and circuitous and partially of my own design. It’s hard for me to sift through the detritus, much easier to poke fun, to glam it up, to be some badass character."


Anonymous said...

Hi there, checked out your recomendations, cheers for that, when r u next in london lets hook up for that long awaited drink once suggested in the past.

mojonojo said...

back in london between the 13 of dec and 3rd of jan - i would love to catch up - seems like forever