Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is it appalling that it took a massive crisis at work to make me feel alive?

Its all swings and roundabouts I suppose but at the moment I feel dead inside, all I have literally seen for the last few days (10) is the inside of my house, my laptop, the inside of my car, the European family club for Andy’s leaving bash (yes Mr Semple you will be missed) and the 4 seasons bar and the office. 2 days off in the last 10, and by wed. I will have been at work for the best part of 113 hours working either at work or at home.

The sad thing is work in all its tedium is the only thing that keeps me entertained. There is nothing to do otherwise; it is searingly hot during the day (52 today) and in the mid40s at night with high humidity so going outside these days is a virtual impossibility. The vast air-conditioned malls provide me with little entertainment, bling glitz and shopping don’t do it for me, the current crop of movies that are out at the moment massively disappoint.

Box office faves are as follows:

Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Shrek 3
Spideman 3

None of which even vaguely interested me the first time round, so this is the first round of summer fayer its destined to get worse

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