Friday, February 02, 2007

Well its hit me, im blue about work knew it was going to happen eventually, but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly, technical issues are starting to be resolved, ftp starting to work properly, and the over zealous IT dept. take away my access and the ability to do my job as there insisting we all use personalized log-ins, none of which have any of the access requirements that we need to do our job.

But its hit me today with so many people leaving pushed or jumping or having issues with contracts, and with the meeting yesterday with the non denial denials and non affirmation affirmations, going 24hrs looming ive started to look at rosters and the possibility of 4am starts with no new staff. its all looking bleak.

The mood of the media desk is black, there is a general feeling that were just not appreciated for what we do, we often do jobs that are well beyond our pay grade, and often act as first and second line support to the newsroom, we also diagnose and fix many technical problems despite it not being our responsibility, yet receiving passwords to PCs is apparently not our jurisdiction, in fact one password to one of the Video over IP client has been lost and no-one knows what it is, if they had trusted us with it we could have sorted the issue relatively easily.

On the good side – ive found somewhere that’s hosting the Battlestar series 3’s on the web rather than as P2P so ive started to get my fix, and believe me this series is SWEET

Had a lovely evening lastnight with MASH on the old box and a few beers – good night.

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