Saturday, February 17, 2007

thursday 15th feb,

what to say i needed to get out and speak to humans, sent texts to various peeps at around 4 pm, i was sat there at 11pm like a desperado at sherhazads, after being stood up by no less than 4 people, to add insult to injury, on my way home stopped off to get a pizza, the only place open was pizza hut - the first fast food joint ive been into in 5 years, large meatfeast that tasted like grilld cheeze on plasterboard: not good - felt like shit afterward too.

as i mentioned before the valentines day card situation was a nice surprise, but am now totaly perplexed.

card one, was there before i turned up, but on the wrong desk, at someone elses computer, a place where i never sit, - im making an assumption here perhaps it was delivered by an agent by someone who doesent really know me or where i sit. also signed with a ?

card two turned up at my left elbow, whilst i was talking to sue from makeup - i have a sneeky suspicion who delivered it and who its from altho i cant be sure - name in red on the front of the envelope not signed inside the card./

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