Monday, February 12, 2007

A QATARI teenager was killed in a “bizarre” road accident in Gharrafa on Friday, a Traffic Department official said yesterday.The 19-year-old boy died on the spot when his Land Cruiser literally flew off the road and hit the top of a 3m-high compound wall, nearly 3m away from the road, said Brig Mohamed Abdullah al-Malki, adviser at the department.The 4x4 vehicle then landed on the ground a few metres away. But the boy, who was thrown off the vehicle, flew a further 50m before hitting the ground, the official said. “Presumably, he was not wearing a seat belt.”The cause of the accident is puzzling too. There are tyre marks on the road but there is no clue as to what may have caused the driver to take evasive action and hit the kerb before take off.Whatever the reason, it was a bizarre accident, the official commented. The base of the wall is undamaged, he pointed out. How could the vehicle soar so high in the air is absolutely puzzling, he said.

this isnt a bizarre accident the kid was probably doing 160 and swerved.

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