Thursday, February 08, 2007

something that made me smile today - all sadlyu true

Ten Top Tips for driving in the Gulf.

1. Keep to your lane!
Landcruisers, BMWs and Mercedes may use the fast lane.
All other cars should keep to the right.

2. On entering a roundabout, remember God preserves the Pure in Heart.
Just drive straight in and He will protect you.

3. The right lane of a roundabout is reserved for taxis to drop off passengers.

4. Double parking on roundabouts is only permitted if vendors are selling National Flags or watermelons.

5. Take the right hand lane if you are turning left, and vice versa.

6. If ‘other’ types of car use the fast lane, flash your headlights and they will get out of the way. Failing this, a gentle nudge to the bumper will do the trick.

7. Red traffic lights mean Stop! Green means Go!
* [Landcruisers and pickups are exempt from this rule.]

8. Always stay back at least ten inches from the car in front of you.
* [Landcruisers and pickups are exempt from this rule.]

9. Children sitting on the driver’s lap need not use a safety belt.

10. Use your horn frequently to signal “Have a Nice Day, Brothers!”

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