Friday, February 09, 2007

back at work, day 2 of 6, 10am start,

had a good few days recently, a couple of good nights out,

first day off: boozy lunch with Charlie at the 4seasons - nice ceaser salad, followed by several hours of long discussions, a quick trip home to drop the car off and then a reconveening at the movenpik for dinner & more drinks - great day.

second day off: hangover, podcasts, International herald & tribunex2, aramex to pick up delivery, gunclub, QDC, cleaning & cooking, dinner and drinks at phil greens - bed by 11.30 as had to go to work at 10am

1st day back at work, FTP & Fiber troubles again - resolved - issue from fiber providers end - bad patch - issues partialy resolved. act as phone tech support for sarah during day, then dinner with sarah and steff during evening, great french meal at the ramada - a little swanky, but lovley, drove sarah to the movenpik & dropped steff home.

2nd day at work - 10am continuing ftp testing. have to be in at 7.30 oof thats going to hurt.

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