Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oohhhffff, god that was a good three days, admittedly quite drunken, 3 days on the raz.

Thursday night had dinner with lisa & drinks at the 4seasons, 2 bottles of rose, 4 manhattans for me and 4 crazy ladys for lisa – then predictably acted up in the 4 seasons bar.

Friday night was party night at the compound, about 200people turned up, I was grilling late into the night, and drinking into the early morning of Saturday. Good party tho if I do say so myself, Arabic drumming, shisha, great people and great chats with loads of top people. Went to bed at around 7am, work up at 6pm Saturday with Nathan pounding on the door wanting to borrow the bbq. Because they were having a party – oh dear another evening of grilling and boozing ;-) – went to bed at around 2am, got up at 10am went for a swim, had a shower, read then headed into work for 2pm.

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