Monday, February 26, 2007

just took one of those stupid online tests about birthdays and who you are:- turned out pretty accurate in some respects kind of innacurate in others: green-things i think are true about me.

* Loves to chat
* Loves those who loves him
* Loves to takes things at the centre
* Attractive and suave
* Inner and physical beauty
* Does not lie or pretend
* Sympathetic
* Treats friends importantly
* Always making friends
* Easily hurt but recovers easily
* Daydreamer
* Very opinionated
* Does not care of what others think
* Emotional
* Decisive
* Strong clairvoyance
* Loves to travel, the arts and literature
* Soft-spoken, loving and caring
* Romantic
* Touchy and easily jealous
* Spendthrift and easily influenced
* Easily lose confidence

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