Monday, December 18, 2006

well im back at work after 3 days off, and ive partied pretty much non stop.

thursay night i went to the movenpik for dinner and drinks, then ended up at the party for the asian games, topfloor penthouse at p7, grat vibe and tonnes of booze and a great view got home very late.

friday night, dinner with louise on the compound good vibe

saturday was the company xmas party in the desert in torrential rain, passable but not great. drinks at sherahazad afterward good fun.

comedy night last night at sherahazad good laughed a lot, went with wallai brighton based journalist who works in the newsroom , really nice guy good to really get to know him. also picked up my birthday/xmass pressie to myself.

dismaly failed to find a car so that one has gone on the back burner.

back to work, late shifts will be at work for the next 2 days then 2 days off to do xmas shopping, photos for driving qatari licence, which need me wearing glasses (unlike the qatari rp ones where im not alowed to wear glasses) and eyetest for the q. driving licence, and given that im as blind as a bat without my glasses i guess that im going to have to get the glasses

also did my uk tax return - thank god thats done.

also started the whole xmass cards thing.

More later

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