Friday, December 22, 2006

Well im back and as cool as a fridge and as big as a cucumber, or maybe the other way around????

Days off watch: Christmas shopping for food, care four and giant stores, got the essentials really for xmas day.

Nights out: movenpik Tuesday night, Wednesday quiet night in watching 9 episodes of Frasier, Thursday night bash at the watering hole at the Sheraton about 200 aje employees, i ducked out at around 1am. Had a blast, chatted with lots of good friends made some more, and met a few of you dear readers.

Doha dodgy advertising watch: Early learning center: Santa came early and emptied his sack here! – WTF????

also didn’t realize the watering hole was LGBT friendly but they fly the rainbow flag!

Doha bureaucracy watch: 2 hrs for eye test that I could of passed if I didn’t wear my glasses, nice photo of the sign outside the eye test center with ‘found photo’ on the top stuck to the wall above it.

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