Friday, October 27, 2006

so its another day in paradise, well at least the newsroom, another quiet night lastnight, there are a few of us doing them so im a little more happy, had a few good email conversations with some great friends, so im bouyed up, 12hrs arnt so bad once you get into the flow, not thinking about them till at least 1/2 way through, then its just 6hrs, i also brought the papers in today so i have both the gulf times & the penisular to read.
on other notes im warming up to buying a mac mini to run the TV as a media center for all those essential downloads, and intermerweb things like radio 4!, as there (and i found this out yesterday when i switched the sat box to tv) are really only 3 english language channels, one is BBC world, and as im making news anyway i think its unlikely im going to watch that channel, and 2 others based out of dubai, one showing american 'classic drama & comedy' shiver and one showing american movies ;-(so instead of springing the 600rials a month, im going to max out on DSL & web it up.
3 days and counting till im 26. god when did i get old.

thanks to Mia for the picture - its doing the rounds here at the studio with much mirth as the newsroom has a resident stray cat.

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