Saturday, October 28, 2006

day 4 in the AJi News room (saturday), its like some kind of diy masterplan here today with ladders and maintenecne men aplenty, there are putting up a 2inch ridge around the circumfrence of the newsroom (its a double height room, with a balcony at mesonine level- to the outside of which theyre attaching this strip), quite why i dont know.

ive also found the radio4 podcast mmmmm radio4 mp3 goodness. im getting my saturday 'from our own corespondant' fix, its a shame im not at home with a cafitier of coffee and a craussant but what can you do.

Everyone should be back at work tomorow after eid so i can a get my cheque and get it to my bank pick up my cards and cheque book.
Then i can go shopping, whoop! also External affairs & others are back so my RP & Drivinglicence may get back on track.

the asian games are on track, although its a monumental task till doha gets there, for thiose who want to know where i live see red blob (bottom left) and work blue square (tv roundabout top middle right)

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