Sunday, May 09, 2010

In attempt to compartmentalise the doha experience i will be blogging from here in the future


Anonymous said...

Wow I just whizzed past your 4 years of blogging in 1 hour! I read a bit and couldnt stop reading! Amazing. I'm not sure if I want to work for al-Jazeera now!

Really nice blog, sad to hear that you are leaving (although you may not be! hehe)

I may be starting out as an Int Producer soon... would love to get some tips from you. My main question to you is... was it worth it?!

Get back to me when you can.



mojonojo said...

Yes in a word - Ive had an amazing 4 years, Incredible highs and lows, but thats the same with any high pressure job where your making a difference, as a guest booker you will have some amazing colleagues, that you can learn a lot from, my one tip is shut up and listen to the people who have been doing the job a hell of a lot longer than you.

working miracles is standard operating procedure, working harder faster and leaner than you ever imagined is how we roll.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm usually a listener and not much of a talker... (which works against me sometimes)

How are the working hours and shifts? im at BBC Arabic at the moment and its really realxed. Its like three days on three days off and a standard 10 or 12 hours shifts.

Is the int producer a high pressure job at al jazeera? because you guys have bases all over the place (which may split the workload) whereas at BBC Arabic, it gets reeeeeally busy because we are central located and all worlkoad is on us! And lastly do you have any idea what the salary grade is for an int prodcuer? We have grades like 6, 7 etc. Grade 7 has a minimum of 30k p/a.

Hope you can help and soz for the constant bugging!

Get back to me when you can please.