Friday, September 21, 2007

Long-time no post - for this i must apologise dear reader - i have been hectic in the work arena for too long - boss & boss's boss have departed so the volume of bureaucracy has increased exponentially - notable things to happen recently

1) Ramadan has started - which makes many things impossible to do, all alcohol vending has stopped for a month - so that means my personal stash of alcohol has been built up to nearly siege type proportions - at the moment i have 22 litres of wine, 6 bottles of vodka 6 of scotch, a bottle of vermouth - i hope i should get through the next 3 weeks.

2) the weather has cooled down - its down to low forties at midday so normal life is re-occuring - without sprinting from AC'd place to the next.

3) Diet & fitness plans are progressing - have lost 3 stone and i think i have another 2 to go.

4) hosted a great leaving party for my boss last wed prior to ramadan

5) continuing to blog on run-riot

more soon


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