Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorry I haven’t written sooner – yes im back – but I got hit with a dose of food poisoning on my return to Doha, so spent two days doubled up in pain, two nights of psychedelic dreams (the ones you get with bad) about trying to smuggle laser defense systems out of Russia via train.

Suffice to say the trip was fantastic, just what I needed – an escape from Doha – back to normality - well as normal as a 3 week trip to the ex-soviet block can be.

Croatia was stunning – thanks to eddie and gail for the party and the inspiration

Serbia and exit – were – well massive – I have never seen 50,000 people go off so hard as they did when prodigy played ‘out of space’

Mum and dad seem to be settling down without me again – I think there enjoying Romania – the transition of Romania into Europe seems to be fascinating – Romania is changing and changing fast.

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