Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Mia said...

What on earth?

mojonojo said...

qatars new road saftey campaign - the driving here is appaling - lots of egotistical young men driving 4.7litre v8 landcruisers at breakneck speeds - i have seen some truly appaling accidents out here - one petty much like the one illustratd in the sign - landcruiser pulls out infront of oncoming truck because young man is invincible, doesent look when pulling out into road and gets broadsided by 100 tonne truck doing 100kmph. goodbye landcruiser and good bye young man.

death on the road is the highest cause of death here - heart disease and cancer i think are about 4th or 5th on the lists.

- qataris dont have to take a driving test you see - wouldnt be right and propper to fail them on anything