Friday, May 04, 2007

DOOM 9.Org - Geremia

well another HD-DVD AACS crack/hack to the authentication system has appeared on the uber geeky video forum doom9 - this time the codes there coming up with seem irrevocable.

'In addition to being irrevocable, the hack has the potential to make future decryption even easier. "This hack/technique enables us to figure out how the Volume ID is stored on the disc," arnezami explained. "It's very possible we would figure out [...] how the KCD is stored on the disc. Knowing that and being able to teach a PC drive how to read a KCD will open the door for what I called third-generation decryption' - from doom9

diag. below for those interested

this is battle line 2.0 for the battle of web 2.0 for the anti DRM geek possee - beleive me this time around the battle is going to be harder fight. the AACS will not take this sitting down - this is the end of the line for HD-DVD's copy protection, once this one is out the bag, there is no going back to copy protected HD-DVD, weather it constitutes the dath of the media or it constitutes a victory over Blue-ray because of the increace in sales only time will tell, well the revolution is comming - the baricades are going up, windows nailed shut against the oncoming storm, well lets watch this one as the civil war comes through town.

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