Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello one and all, what an eventful few days that was,

Day 1) got the car: not as beurocratic as I thought – go see a typist for the form to be typed in Arabic, hand over fees, and a little something for the typist, 5min later details transferred – I wish all the rest was that easy.

Day 2) quiet day zooming around Doha in car, rained a bit, had bbq at Louise’s to welcome Louise’s second daughter to Doha.

Day 3) still loving new car – had to go to bank to sort some kind of snafu. Easy.
Went shooting for the first time here in Doha, 25 clays for 50rials – bargaintastic. May try to get my skills with a shotgun and rifle up whilst im here.

Day4) tax returns again ;-( aramexed to London over night so should get it in in time to avoid the non-sense, long email from K. cheered me up no end, watched scratch documentary as well, and a quick drink with Charlie and Sal.

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