Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well today has been one of those days.

Nothing but frustration.

1) got up early to go to the bank to pay in a cheque as finance *still* haven’t sorted out direct payment into my bank.
2) Went to meet car loans guy at the bank whom I had arranged a meeting with yesterday on the phone, I arrive at specified time to find that he has decided to take the day off. Not pleased.
3) Everyone is knocking off for eid, so trying to get anything done ATM is virtually impossible, and will be so until next Thursday when they arrive at work for 1 day and then knock off for the weekend.
4) Tried to find someone to deliver some gas to the apartment for my BBQ. No one in Doha listed in the yellow pages as a gas supplier, supplies gas apparently, and even if I could find one the chance of getting one during eid is marginal to slim.
5) Spend the day trying to resolve technical and social issues at work – its only 5.30pm here, im on till one am and feel like ive been here a lifetime.
6) Coming down with a cold.

Other than that little lot feeling good, a little tired but now have 3 days off and have been re-rostered to cover the late shift on NY-Day whoop means I don’t have to go to bed at 1am now!

Plans for my 3 days off include shopping for food, as I now have very little in my fridge, possibly going to the QDC as I’m low on alcohol (don’t know weather the QDC is open during Eid – suspect not.) setting Up my new toy in the living room. And trying to sort the car stuff out (this is an impossible task as eid is on) and partying like its 1899 on newyears eve!

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