Monday, December 04, 2006

well back after a few days off mostly spend at home with the cold from hell, went shopping for cookware yesterday got a nice digital scale that reads up to 5kg which is great for my bakery, and a nice pinstripe canvas apron - ooh get me and my domestic goddess nature! also looks like i may have found something to solve my bookcase trauma at the royal plaza mall, which is very nice - more like john lewis than a big old yankee mall.

beaurocuracy watch: ive got to be in the office for 7.30am tomorow to go and get my finger prints done again as the powers that be have lost my fingerprints so it looks like tomorow is going to be a long day. there is supposed to be some muslim feast thing at the compound with goat etc. tonight but i think realistically im going to hit the sack early to get some sleep to be up by 5.30.

dont know what else to say really after spending 3 days veging im feeling slightly beter.

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