Sunday, November 26, 2006

its rainy here in doha starting to get cool about 20 degrees, well thaughts of what im going to do in the next two days i have off spring to mind probably sleeping late tomorow, go shopping, and there is a bit of a half baked plan to go drinking tomorow night but i dont know howfar thats planned, also i need to ring gulf agencey about my missing box. also i may watch a few programmes that arrived with my shipping, also need to head out to aramex to pick up a shipment.

plans for a rooftop party for the asian games are simmering too!

thaughts of the gothic also spring to mind, how much im missing the london burlesque and caberet scene, stories of the shunt vaults in london bridge get back to me here too, punchdrunk and more, and of course rabbit!

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