Monday, October 02, 2006

another day another post, finished both taken & firefly.

firefly quite touching quite cheezy scifi, liked the conceps behind the mechanics of the series family in space scifi & western rolled into one. some great performances however i see why fox cancled the season as the plot is quite rubbish and dialogue is a little wooden.

taken on the otherhand is about 10 hrs too long, i liked band of brothers but felt taken lacked something, a certain warmpth or intamacy however it was still great.

as for me: still a little slow & tender but i may break the gloom by hitting the shunt vaults on wed, keeping myself occupied with the back catalogue of cory doctorow as ive been listening to the usc lectures he has hosted and am facinated with his outlook on life and interests.

im cooking again too, tart tatain last night, allround good . i think syrop was a little runny but will be working on it

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