Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stood here at southwark tube opposite my flat waiting for dazza to turn up i have the feeling im going to miss this place. The hustle the bustle the suits from the city, the homeless guy pan handleing for sparw change, the comunity spirit,

i wonder how much it will change, how much i will change, how the desert, a 2 year stint at aljazeera, how 100 weeks of 5 times daily call to prayre will change me. How will i cope with ramadan as i land. Will 2 years with no bacon, no choritso, no calvados change me.

Anyway have several projects and personal goals to do whilst im there. I plan to severly curtail my drinking and finaly quit smoking, both amiable projects that should help me live longer and healthier.

I also plan to live frugaly as i want to make a massive dent if not pay off my mortgage entirley.


Talked about the future with DZA, he may well eb editing stuf for AJ as well, may be interesting to see the outcome if the two of us are doing our stuff, if they are recruiting people like us, AJ international may become a revoulutionary News station!

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